This Vs That

photo taken by Prateek Kumar Rohatgi at Bighwan Lake, India

Welcome to this week’s blog. If not anything else, I hope that you find this blog easy to read. It contains just a bunch of related words — pairs that are sometimes at odds with each other, representing dilemmas that I had to contend with, throughout this year (and I suspect, for the rest of my life).

I deliberated between using “Vs” (versus) and “and”. I finally chose “Vs” as I thought it has better effect. My idea is not to pit one word against another — not to say that one is better than the other. I do find myself and others around me, indulging in one when we should be doing the other. And I believe that this confusion lies at the root of most of our unhappiness.

A couple of examples:

Rich Vs Wealthy: In our pursuit of becoming wealthy, we end up living materially rich lives and never really get wealthy. On the other hand, many wealthy people are inconspicuous just because they do not try to live “rich” lives

Plans Vs Planning: Once we arrive at a plan for any goal of ours, we tend to think of the plan as sacrosanct and consequently try our hardest to stick to plan. In most cases, the value of a plan does not lie in the “plan” itself but in the process of “planning”

Rich Vs Wealthy

Plans Vs Planning

Quantitative Vs Qualitative

Noise Vs Data

Complicated Vs Complex

Simple Vs Easy

Want vs Need

Investing in Stocks Vs Investing in businesses

Deterministic Vs Probabilistic

Horse Vs Jockey

Effort Vs Capital

Psychology Vs Spirituality

Religion Vs Spirituality

Past Vs Future

What Vs Why

Theoretical Vs Empirical

Newtonian Vs Darwinian

Diversification Vs Asset Allocation

Linear Vs Compounding

Bias Vs Heuristics

Miserly Vs Frugal

Love Vs Indifference

Job Vs Career

Indifference Vs Even-tempered

Tourist Vs Traveler

Loan Vs Equity

Work from Home Vs Work from office

Effort Vs Time

Hate Vs Indifference

Strength Vs Flexibility

Fragility Vs Robustness

Salary Vs Stock Options

Robustness Vs Anti-fragility

Weight Training Vs Calisthenics

Crypto Vs Blockchain

Cardio Vs Strength Training

Forecasting Vs Prescience

Know Vs Knowing

PayTM, GPay, PhonePe Vs BHIM

Cricket Vs Soccer

Transactional Vs Compounding

Badminton Vs Soccer

5K Vs Marathon

Carbs Vs Protein

Marathon Vs Ultra-Marathon

Knowing Vs Acting

NetFlix Vs Disney

Planning Vs Executing

Teaching Vs Learning

Learning Vs Questioning

College Education Vs Real Life

Data Vs Information

Symptom Vs Root Cause

Information Vs Knowledge

Knowledge Vs Wisdom

Timing the market Vs Time in the Market

Conscious Vs Instinctive


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